12 Features and Benefits of Light Concept Gels (LCG)

1. Acetone Soak Off Easy removal, No Excessive Buffing, or Damage to Natural Nails

2. Light and Natural Can be applied directly to Natural Nails.

3. No Primer or Bonder Needed 100% Sensitive Skin Irritation Free

4. No Yellow and Tacky Free The Pink & White Remain True from Day 1 to Week 5

5. No Odor, Fume or Excessive Dust  Healthier and Cleaner Environment for Staff and Clients

6. Quick and Easy Brush on Like Nail Polish with No Time Consuming Build-up Process

7. Self-Leveling Fast Clean, No Running or Shrinking

8. Compatible with Other Nail Systems Can be Applied Over Acrylic, Fiber and Gel Nails

9. Strong, Yet Flexible No Chip Off or Wear Away At The Free Edge

10. Longer Cycles Between Fills Create Perfect White Tips  for a Crisp, Clean Look of a Natural Manicure

11. No Fungus or Mold. LCG is Non-Porous and Safe

12. LCG Strengthens Natural Nails


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