In 2007, Paul Nguyen founded a new product – UV Light Concept Gel. Paul has many years of experience as a nail technician. With today’s modern technology and working with knowledgeable chemical experts, he was able to bring you a very unique product, UV Light Concept Gel. This product is natural, odorless, flexible, thin and most importantly safe because it is chemical free. With UV Light Concept Gel you will be able to build strong, yet durable and beautiful nails without the hassle of primers, odors or excessive dust.

The Twelve  Features and Benefits of LCG Nails

  1. Soakable Gels
    Easy removal – No excessive buffing or damage to natural nails.
  2.  Natural Nail Gels
    Can be applied directly to the natural nail.
  3. Three Step System
    Applied without primers or bonders.
  4. Does not yellow
    Can be used with or without polish.
  5. No Burn
    Easy Build up Process.
  6. No Odors, Dust or Fumes
    Healthier and cleaner environment for staff and clients.
  7. Quick and Easy
    Brush on like nail polish with no time consuming build up process.
  8. Self Leveling
    Fast  and Clean with no excessive buffing before or after application.
  9. Compatible with other Nail System
    Can be applied over acrylic, fiber and gel nails.
  10. Strong yet Flexible
    Will not chip or wear away at the free edge. Reduces cracking and lifting.
  11. Longer Cycles Between Fills
    Creates perfect white tips for a crisp, clean look of a natural manicure.
  12. UV LCG is non-porous and does not cause fungus or mold.