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Pretty Pink – $25

Clear Sculpture – $25


Supreme Adhesive Base Gel – $25

A plastic-like pink, medium viscosity gel that is applied without primer or bonder as a thin base layer.

It cures leaving a sticky layer. Use as a first step prior to applying French White Gel and Overlay Builder Gel

With our new U.V. Light Concept Pink and White Gels, you will be able to build strong, yet durable, beautiful nails without the hassle of primers, odors or excessive dust.


New French White Gel – $25

Easy to use without running or shrinking, extra white gel for pink and whites and effortless back-fills. Applies just like polish! Apply THIN, cure, use brush #4 to cut the smiling shape and dry 1 minute, then overlay with the High Overlay Builder gel. Makes Pink and White back fills a snap!


Short Brush – $5


Blush Pink – $25

High Strength Overlay Builder Gel – $25

A slightly pink or clear, medium viscosity, no run or burn gel for creating a strong and resilient nails. Apply one or two layers depending upon your style of application. It is self leveling with an incredibly hard finish. Wipe with alcohol and file to perfect the shape of your nails. File and buff! Dust off well.

You will now follow with a thin application of Shine and Seal Glossing Gel to smooth over, seal and gloss your nails.


Shine and Seal Glossing Gel – $25

A slightly pink, medium viscosity gel to apply as a final coat on top of your sculptures or overlays, then dry 3 minutes and wipe with alcohol. It cures with the most glossy, brilliant and durable finish available. Compare this to any gel you will see nothing like this. AMAZING!


Long Brush – $5